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Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Provider Assessment (HCAHPS)
"The HCAHPS (Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems) Survey is the first national, standardized, publicly reported survey of patients' perspectives of hospital care. HCAHPS (pronounced “H-caps”), also known as the CAHPS® Hospital Survey*, is a 32-item survey instrument and data collection methodology for measuring patients’ perceptions of their hospital experience. While many hospitals have collected information on patient satisfaction for their own internal use, until HCAHPS there were no common metrics and no national standards for collecting and publicly reporting information about patient experience of care. Since 2008, HCAHPS has allowed valid comparisons to be made across hospitals locally, regionally and nationally. " Source: HCAHPS Fact Sheet

HCAHPS Measures:
Composite 1 - Questions 1 - 3: Communication with Nurses
Composite 2 - Questions 5 - 7: Communication with Doctors
Composite 3 - Questions 4 - 11: Responsiveness of Hospital Staff
Composite 5 - Questions 16 - 17: Communciation about Medicine
Question 8 - Cleanliness of Hospital Environmnet
Question 9 - Quietness of Hospital Environment
Composite 6 - Questions 19 and 20: Discharge Information
Composite 7 - Questions 23 - 25: Care Transition
Question 21 - Overall Rating of the Hospital
Question 22 - Willingness to Recommend the Hospital 

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