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Emergency Department Transfer Communications (EDTC)

EDTC Overview
Who, why, what, and assistance information for EDTC.

EDTC Data Specifications
This includes all of the data specifications for reporting purposes.

EDTC Data Reporting Spreadsheet
Reporting tools/spreadsheets have been developed by Stratis Health. All CAHs should use one of these tools.
For those collecting data and reporting it directly to the Flex Program, please use the SORH EDTC Tool.
For those Reporting to QHi, please use the QHi EDTC tool located on your hospital's data submission page in QHi.

EDTC - Slides
Data Specification Manual
Data Specification Video

EDTC Toolkit
This toolkit provides resources and tools on how to make improvements across all of the MBQIP measures.

EDTC Measure-Specific Training
A webinar series for each: EDTC-1, 4, 5, & 6 is being held in 2016. As webinars are completed they are added here.

EDTC Toolkit

Improving ED Discharge Processes
This report presents the purpose, methods, and results of an environmental scan on existing literature in this area.

EDTC-1, Video
EDTC-1, Slides

EDTC Data Collection Tool Training Video
This video shows you how to use the Stratis spreadsheets.

EDTC - 4, Video
EDTC-4, Slides
EDTC-5, Video
EDTC-5, Slides
ED Discharges
EDTC Reporting Video
EDTC-6, Video
EDTC-6, Slides

EDTC CAH Checklist
This checklist is used and was shared by a WY CAH

How to Generate Quartely EDTC Report.

All Stratis Health EDTC Resources

EDTC Checklist
How to EDTC
Other EDTC Resources