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The Wyoming Flex Program does not endorse any product or service, however, as new tools and services are made known, we want to share those with all of our CAHs so you can decide if the tool or resource is helpful to you, others on your team, or your hospital.
HCAHPS Fact Sheet
HCAHPS reporting and improvement are part of MBQIP.


careLearning is an online education company designed to help healthcare organizations by providing reliable, trusted, and easily-accessible talent management solutions. Their competency, eLearning, and performance products are developed to provide employees with the training and education needed based on an assessment of the skills, knowledge, and abilities required and an evaluation of their job performance.
careLearning has an HCAHPS improvement training series that was designed with CAHs in mind. Each module is scenario-based, keeping the patient at the center of learning, with their perspective, needs, and considerations as key to making improvements.
Custom Learning Systems (CLS)
CLS provides a framework for organizational transformation. They provide keynote presentations, educational initiatives, HCAHPS Webinars, personalized coaching and consulting, training tools and other resources.
Healthcare Service Excellence Conference
"IHI collaborates with the improvement community to invent and popularize ideas that dramatically improve patient care."

IHI (Institute for Health Improvement